Why Summer is the Best Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

It’s not uncommon to hear of your friends or family scheduling their wisdom teeth removal, and chances are they’re planning to get them out of the summer. While you may think it’s crazy to give up time lounging in the sun, removing your wisdom teeth in the summer has some serious health benefits.

Why Do Most People Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because they simply don’t have room in their mouth for four new teeth. By the time most of our wisdom teeth start to grow in, our adult teeth are firmly into place. If you choose not to remove your wisdom teeth, you risk the chance of developing gum disease, having your teeth shift, or causing severe jaw pain.

Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

With a busy work, school, and social schedule, finding the time for doctor's appointments can be tricky — let alone a dental surgery. Your recovery from wisdom teeth surgery should only take around three to five days — so you’ll be back to your summer activities in no time!

Though you may not want to give up any of your summer fun, here’s why getting your wisdom teeth removed over the summer may be your best bet:

  • School’s out for summer! You don’t need to worry about missing class for an extended period of time in order to have your surgery. By choosing to remove your wisdom teeth over the summer, you can start the new school year healed and ready to learn!

  • It’s easier to get an appointment. Most people take a vacation over the summer, which means your dental surgeon will probably have more availability than if you wait until the fall or winter.

  • You can utilize your recovery time to relax. Summer comes with a lot of benefits, including, enjoying an ice cream, and letting your mouth heal before returning to your busy life.

  • Fresh air will help you heal quicker. You can still spend your time outdoors while you recover, and with added health benefits! It’s been proven that getting fresh air is better for healing, so pull up a chair and your favorite book and speed up the recovery process.

  • Your mood is generally better in summer. Instead of moping around the house in the dead of winter, you’ll feel more inclined to feel a sense of.

Additionally, many patients control their pain after surgery with over-the-counter medications. Removing your wisdom teeth over the summer ensures that you’ll have the time to rest properly and avoid infections, control your pain, and heal at home without having to go out in public with swelling.

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