5 Summer Party Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Summer is full of get-togethers, parties, and BBQs — and at the center of all these social plans is the food. When it comes to all of the delicious treats that you may indulge in, there are quite a few that aren’t good for your teeth (such as sweets and hard foods like corn on the cob).


By choosing the right foods, you can keep your smile shining, while enjoying everything that summer has to offer.

5 Dentist Recommended Summer Foods

1. Cheese

Many of your favorite summer recipes probably include foods that are heavily acidic, which break down the enamel of our teeth. Eating certain dairy products, such as various cheeses, can reduce the acid in your mouth; the high level of calcium will help make teeth and bones stronger.

2. Water

Everyone enjoys an ice cold lemonade or iced tea in the summer, but these drinks are packed with sugar for the most part. Water is a healthier option that can help limit the intake of your favorite iced drinks, in addition to helping improve your overall oral health. If you want to add flavor to your water, try adding fresh fruit and let it sit for a few hours!

3. Raw Onion

You may be afraid to eat onions, while at a social gathering, because of their odor, but that’s what toothbrushes and mints are for! Raw onions have many dental health benefits; they help eliminate bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease. Whether you add them to a burger or use them as a topping on a salad, onions are a great add-on to your summer menu!

4. Pears

Pears are full of fiber and help stimulate natural saliva production. Adding pears to your summer diet will help you reduce the acidity of your mouth and help protect the surface of your teeth. In fact, pears have the largest acidic neutralizing effect of any fruit — and they’re great in a salad, or simply whole!

5. Celery

Just like pears, celery is a fibrous, crunchy food, that requires lots of chewing. This chewing stimulates saliva production. Celery is also a great tooth-friendly choice because it helps clean your mouth and break down food for easier digestion. The natural strands of celery also help clean your teeth, all while you munch on it. For the best oral benefits, you should eat celery in its raw form.

The professionals of Robert A. Neal, DDS Family Dentistry are here to help for all of your summer dental needs! To consult with a teeth straightening specialist in Frisco, TX or for more information, contact us!
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