Faster Route to a Straighter Smile

People remember great smiles. More specifically, teeth that are natural-looking, straight and white. If you didn't win the genetic lottery with your teeth, there are a few ways cosmetic dentistry can help you get the teeth of your dreams.

Veneers and Teeth Whitening

The last thing someone is looking to do is spend more time than needed at the dentist. It is totally understandable that many are worried about getting cosmetic teeth improvements or undergoing restorative work. Dentistry advancements have now made it easy to fix your smile in just a couple trips to the dentist's chair. Porcelain veneers solve crooked teeth problems, including gaps, while masking teeth stains.

Veneers also strengthen your natural teeth and protect your tooth structure while making sure the neighboring soft tissues remain untouched.

The Secret to a Great Smile

Are you displeased with your misshapen teeth, but have vowed to never resort to a mouth filled with metal? The good news is you can use Invisalign or lumineers. Using a set of clear, plastic aligners is simple and concealed. This ensures that you avoid the self-consciousness inherent with braces. Invisalign and lumineers are comfortable and have a smooth surface (rather than bumpy metal brackets) that's easy on the mouth.

Being able to take out the aligners means it's possible to eat, brush and floss as you always have. For most users of Invisalign, the time for treatment ends up being less than with conventional braces. This doesn't matter, of course, since no one will be able to tell that you're wearing them — unless you let them know!

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