Why a Family Dentist Might be a Better Option than a Pediatric Dentist


If you are searching for a dentist for your family, you are now faced with the decision of choosing between a family dentist and a pediatric dentist. The difference between the two is that a pediatric dentist solely treats children, whereas a family dentist can treat people of all ages. If you want your family to take care of all their dental needs at the same facility, with the same team, this cannot be done when you choose a pediatric dentist.

Considering the Needs of Your Family

Since a family dentistry is generally able to treat everyone, this makes scheduling dentist appointments for the family vastly more convenient. Your dentist will also be aware of any health problems that run in your family, which will be helpful when it comes to providing the best treatment and care. Additionally, unlike a pediatric dentist, your child will never have to change dentists as he or she grows up. Children and adults of all ages can all be seen in the same office and receive exceptional care. It might even be comforting for children to see their parents treated in the same office.

Your Children Will Receive Top-Notch Care with a Family Dentist

A common misconception about family dentists is that they lack the necessary training to handle younger patients. The fact is that all dentists are trained in pediatric care during their time in dental school. Pediatric dentists receive additional training that focuses on children, especially those with special needs, but that does not mean a family dentist is not as well-equipped to treat young patients with the care they need.

Moreover, since pediatric dentists tend to streamline dental treatment, they often discourage parents from accompanying their little ones to treatment rooms in an effort to minimize potential distractions. At a family dentist, parents are encouraged to join their children and remain in the treatment room with them to provide comfort and support. For parents who wish to remain outside, it is not uncommon for family dentists to provide a waiting area that is within earshot of the treatment room.

Still Not Sure?

Choosing a dentist is a big decision. Everyone wants to make the best decision for their family. If you are still not sure about your choices, set up an appointment with a family dentist first and observe how your children interact with the staff and if they feel comfortable with the environment. Do not let the balloons and coloring books of a pediatric dentist distract you from what is really important – obtaining the best care possible.

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