New Dental Resolutions for 2014

With the new year, we’re sure you’re making a resolution or two for yourself that may include eating healthier, exercising more, or cutting back on your number of commitments. Many people resolve to be a little healthier in the next year, but they rarely consider resolving to improve their dental health. Naturally, we have a few suggestions.

Resolve to floss.

People rarely need to be reminded to brush their teeth regularly. However, very few remember to floss. If you don’t floss at all, start implementing the routine slowly. Commit to flossing once a week. Pick a specific day at a specific time that you know you can set aside a few extra minutes for flossing. Once that becomes a habit, add another day. Then another. Before you know it, flossing will become part of your daily routine and both your teeth and your dentist will thank you for it. Most likely, your wallet will thank you too.

Resolve to keep those dental appointments.

Remember to get your teeth cleaned twice a year, every six months. Don’t put off that appointment or constantly reschedule it. It’s just a couple of hours every six months, and make sure your children commit to it as well. If they see that you visit the dentist regularly, they’ll have one less reason to balk at going themselves.

Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year is more than just practicing good dental hygiene; it also gives your dentist a chance to detect problems early enough to stop them before they become severe (and expensive).

If it’s been awhile since you last had your teeth cleaned, resolve to set that up as soon as you can.

Resolve to ignore dental problems.

If your tooth hurts, or you’ve had uncharacteristic bad breath for days, or you’ve noticed your gums bleed every time you brush, you need to see a dentist. Don’t brush it off as something that will resolve itself in a few days. Maybe it will, but most likely it will only get worse. You wouldn’t put off seeing a doctor if you’re sick, and you shouldn’t put off seeing a dentist if you’re having any sort of oral problems.

Just remember, the longer you put it off, the more likely the solution will go up in cost.

Whatever you resolve to do in this new year, we hope you all have a very Happy 2014!

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