Tips for Pulling Your Child’s Loose Tooth

Losing your first set of teeth is all part of growing up. If your child is going through this interesting stage in development, you may want to help your child speed along the process instead of letting them come up with a creative a solution. As a dental professional, we cannot encourage parents or children to attempt to remove the loose tooth without a professional’s assistance, but we’re also realistic and understand that you’ll most likely do it anyway. If you choose to do it yourself, here are some tips to make sure it’s done as safely and hygienically as possible.

Wash Those Hands

Before you or your child sticks a hand in the child’s mouth, wash it. If the removal is a success, there will be an open wound, one that bacteria from your hands would love to get into.

Use Gauze

Instead of using your hands, use a sterile swatch of gauze. Combined with clean hands, the extraction will have as few germs as possible!

Be Prepared for Blood

Oh, there will be blood, so make sure you have a means necessary to clean and mop it up as quickly as possible to prevent both a mess to clean up and your child from swallowing it.

Apply Pressure

Apply pressure to the bleeding area until it stops. Using extra gauze you should have on hand will help. Mouth wounds stop bleeding and heal very quickly, so if bleeding persists, seek medical attention immediately.

An Apple a Day

Eating an apple prior to extraction may help loosen the tooth even more than it already was. If you’re really lucky, it will pull the tooth for you.

Rock the Tooth

Rock the loose tooth back and forth to keep loosening it. Better yet, have your kid do it instead. (Remember to wash their hands!)

Ice the Pain

If it’s painful, using an ice pack will help numb the pain and reduce swelling.

Get it Ready for the Tooth Fairy

If the experience has been a little traumatic for the child, remind them that they can leave it for the Tooth Fairy while they sleep! Even if they were good patients, you should still discuss the Tooth Fairy. It really makes them happy when they see what she leaves them the next morning.

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