Don’t Forget Your Mouthguard!

It’s estimated that more than 3 million teeth will be knocked out during youth sporting events–note that’s not counting adult or professional sporting events. Also of note, the average cost of replacing a tooth can add up to over $20,000. As your friendly neighborhood Frisco dental office, we urge you to wear a mouthguard while playing any sporting event, whether it’s full contact or not. Athletes are 60% more likely to injure their teeth when not wearing a mouthguard.

If that isn’t enough motivation, then how about new findings from the American Dental Association that suggests well-made mouthguards can help prevent concussions.

“If only schools required athletes to have effective mouth protection,” said Cindy Roark, DMD, chief clinical director at Coast Dental. “A good custom mouthguard also enables an athlete to speak while wearing it.”

When we say “well-made” mouthguards, we are not referring to a mouth guard you can buy at any local Wal-Mart or sporting goods store that requires users to boil the guard and then form the softened mass to fit their mouths. Well-made means a custom-fitted mouthguard that is comfortable and allows players to clearly communicate with one another. These mouthguards cost around $80 on average, but compared to the cost of replacing a knocked out tooth or treating a traumatized tooth, it’s extremely inexpensive.

If you aren’t sure where to find one, talk to your dentist about it and see if they can custom fit one for you. Or, if you have questions about a mouth guard you own or have for your child athlete, bring it in and see if it’s suitable for preventing mouth injuries. We will be more than happy to assess it for you and help you prevent costly dental procedures!

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