Three Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays

Digital technology is taking over just about everything these days. Digital cameras, digital media distribution, and digital television are just a few everyday consumer items that benefit from this shift in technology. Now, your dentist can take X-rays of your teeth in a digital format as well. Just a few of the benefits of going digital include:

1. Less radiation exposure. Remember the days of slapping on a lead vest to protect from possible radiation from the X-ray machine? Even better is when the dentist would run and hide behind a safety wall as a photo was being taken of your mouth. Digital X-rays reduce the amount of radiation during this process. This makes it safer for everyone involved. The process is even considered safe for pregnant women.

2. Shorter appointments and waiting times. Due to the digital nature, X-rays are almost instantaneously available. The X-ray is taken and then the image is brought up on a computer shortly after. No more developing chemicals, waiting for development and watching the clock tick away. This means your time at the dentist office is greatly reduced. More time getting a good diagnosis and asking questions, less time standing around is a win-win for everyone.

3. Digital X-rays are often better images. Digital X-rays have one big advantage that normal x-rays don’t, and that is in their ability to be manipulated. A digital X-ray can be enhanced, blown up, and even add in a splash of color to problem areas. This aids in the diagnosis of what aisles patents. Being able to zoom in on a photo allows dentists to dive into what they are seeing to help them do their jobs that much better.

Going digital only makes your dental visit that much smoother, easier, and enjoyable. The next time you are in for a dental X-ray, ask if it is digital or not!

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