Change Your World with a Simple Smile

Your smile is a powerful tool for not only you but also how you interact with the world. A big healthy smile can turn a down day into a great day. Here are just a few ways that showing of a smile can change you, and the world around you, for even the briefest of moments.

Smiles are universal and have no language barriers. A smile is a way of showing appreciation without having to understand a lick of foreign language. There are no pronunciations to learn, no accents to get in the way of your communication, and no misunderstandings of appreciation. This tool really is universal and easily comprehended by anyone who sees it. If you want the simplest way to say thanks, just give a beaming smile!

Smiling can change a life, even for just a moment. We all have bad days. However, have you ever noticed how a happy grin can change your mood? While strutting your pearly whites may not bring on world peace, or solve many of the issues in this world, it can be contagious. If you are by someone who is just having a rough day, tap them on the shoulder and say something nice with a smile. While they may not acknowledge it, you just brightened their day for even the briefest of moments. Take this one step further. If you are having a bad day, try grinning for a minute or two.

A happy grin is a great way to knock that first impression out of the park. They say you have but mere seconds to make a lasting first impression. Smiling while these precious few seconds are ticking away are a great way to really kick up how you will be perceived. Think about it this way. Have you met someone who looked like they hated the world? How would this impression change had they looked happy, even if they still had an air of frustration about them? Despite the kind of day you are having, a big grin can go a long way to improving those first impressions. Bonus tip: remember this also works during your interview!

Smiles are a powerful tool that is often an afterthought. Keep your smile healthy with regular visits to your dentist. Not only will this give you a great looking smile, but it is also shown to boost confidence.

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