How to Curb the High Costs of Braces

Braces are a common practice for correcting a variety of teeth related issues. While the benefits for braces are numerous, there is a high cost to this treatment. If you happen to be in a situation in which you, or a loved one, are in need of braces, the sticker shock can be scary. However, there are a few ways you can help control those costs.

1. Check with your insurance company about their coverage. Dental insurance coverage for braces varies widely from one provider to another. The sad fact about the insurance industry is that they pay only a fraction of orthodontic fees. If you have a dental plan that is willing to cover 50% of the costs, consider yourself lucky. On the bright side, even if the insurance company will only pay 25% of the orthodontic fees, that is still an amount you do not need to dig out of your own pockets.

2. Ask about a potential payment plan. After you have looked into your insurance policy, sit down with your orthodontist and ask about the payment plans they may offer. You might be surprised to learn that many orthodontists offer reasonable options that will fit within your budget. Some orthodontists will even reduce the cost of treatment if you are able to pay a portion up front. The only way to find out what your orthodontist offers is to chat with them.

3. Pre-plan for additional unplanned costs. No matter how good the planning is, something always comes up. Sometimes wire breaks, or a rubber band snaps. These little items all add to the overall costs, yet are completely unplanned. This is on top of any additional dental treatments one may need before having braces applied. Adding a little padding to the budget for these types of incidents can go a long way to helping keep the overall cost burden lower.

Braces are not cheap, but the benefits they provide are substantial. The best thing you can do is chat with your dental professionals about what offerings they have to help you keep treatments from breaking the bank.

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