New Flavored Toothpaste Could Curb Your Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret that sugar, especially in large quantities, is harmful to your teeth. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s really hard to not give in to your cravings for sugary foods. A German manufacturer of dental care products may have found a way to help people suppress their desires for sweets simply by brushing their teeth with their flavored toothpaste. Users only need to brush three times a day for at least three minutes with the toothpaste. Some people who have already benefited from the toothpaste have reported success and weight loss of nearly 7 kg (15.4 lb)!

During the company’s study of the product, which included a blind study with 48 participants with a randomized placebo for three months, they found that 90 percent of the participants who were given the flavored toothpaste reported a greatly reduced desire for sweets. A few lost up to 6.8 kg (nearly 15 lb) during this short time. Many reported that giving up sugar entirely became easier when they used the toothpaste regularly.

Best results were obtained when users brushed their teeth three times a day, after each meal. The company even says that users can brush when they feel a craving for sweets coming on.

The toothpaste is currently being distributed only in Germany through dental practices and pharmacies. All of Europe, however, will have access to purchasing it online. Right now the only flavor available is apple-vanilla, but the company–Dr. Weiler (named for the founding practicing dentist)–more flavors are being planned.

“The advantage of our product is that it fills a niche. We are not presenting the hundredth toothpaste but a totally new product that offers unprecedented added benefits to the customer,” said Dr. Matthias Weiler, CEO, and namesake of Dr. Weiler.

“In the last 50 years, the worldwide consumption of sugar has tripled. For many people, this is the reason for dental as well as metabolic diseases such as obesity, adiposity, and diabetes,” Weiler continued.

Dr. Weiler developed the toothpaste in collaboration with his wife, who worked in the perfume and cosmetics industry for many years.

No word as of yet that the toothpaste will travel to the US, but we hope that it will eventually. How great would it be to hand out a toothpaste that will both clean your teeth and help curb a patient’s sweet tooth?

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