Tooth Fairy is Giving More for Teeth in 2013

With the economy a bit low, one would think that even the Tooth Fairy has fallen on hard times, but apparently, the low economy has made her even more generous. An annual survey conducted by Visa found that American children received 23% more in 2013 than they did in 2012, roughly $3.70 per tooth. A child could, therefore, earn close to $75 for all of their baby teeth.

In the Northeast, she gave kids an average of $4.10 per tooth, gave $3.70 to kids in the West and South, and gave Midwest children $3.30 per tooth.

The survey also discovered that 10% of all children will find more than $5 per tooth, the Tooth Fairy gave more to children to young parents than any other group, and in some extreme cases, the Tooth Fairy gave $20 and $50 per tooth!

While it is purely up to the Tooth Fairy’s discretion how much she leaves per child, and we know this time is fun for both parents and the kids, you may want to talk to the Tooth Fairy about how much she leaves. Visa’s head of US Financial Education, Nat Sillin, has advised that this is a perfect time for parents to talk to their children about saving their money as well.

There is even a free Tooth Fairy app parents can use to talk to the Tooth Fairy about how much money she should pay per tooth.

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