Whiter Teeth with a Healthier Diet


Last week we listed seven things you can do to get a whiter smile. This week, we want to focus on how by simply eating healthy can help you keep those teeth white.

Eating healthy is important for your overall health, of course, but it also greatly affects your dental health. Eating healthy means you are supplementing your body with the right vitamins and minerals, which will, in turn, keep your teeth strong. As a result, it can help reduce your risk of cavities and your risk of developing gum disease.

So, what should your diet entail to help keep your teeth healthy and naturally white?

Drink Milk.

Milk contains calcium and potassium that excel at strengthening your bones as well as your teeth. When acids in your mouth naturally break down your teeth’s enamel, the extra calcium you consumed from milk boosts your body’s ability to repair the enamel and strengthen it to reduce how much wear down from acid.

Eat Your Veggies.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day boosts your immune system, which helps prevent infection. Therefore, if you develop gum disease or injure your mouth, you will recover more quickly the healthier you are and the stronger your immune system is. A healthy immune system will also help you recover more quickly if you have oral surgery or any other surgery.

Cut Down on Sugar.

You knew that was coming, right?

Sugar contributes to tooth decay, especially sticky sugary foods such as candy. Bacteria love to eat sugar, so in addition to sugar eating your teeth enamel, it can boost the bacteria population in your mouth, opening your mouth up to potential infection as well as further decay.

Cut Down on Soda.

You knew that was coming too.

Soda is high in both sugar and acid content. So not only will the sugar in soda damage your teeth, but the additional acid will worsen enamel erosion immensely. If you drink more soda during the day than water, then you are putting your teeth at risk for potential cosmetic repair or even tooth loss.

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