Scary Facts About Your Oral Health

woman scared at the dentist

4 Dental Facts That Will Scare You Straight

Usually, patients think that brushing their teeth and flossing don’t have a major impact on their health — there’s always tomorrow, right? However, these dental facts may scare you straight to the store to buy a new toothbrush and get to take better care of your smile.

1. 25% of adults 65 or older have lost all of their teeth.

Some patients don’t take going to the dentist seriously until they're faced with an irreversible dental nightmare. We don’t tell you to take care of your teeth for our health — we tell you for yours!

2. Not everyone has wisdom teeth.

Yes, some people have their wisdom teeth removed — but some are never born with them at all. Your ‘third molars’ typically come in sets of two, at your top and bottom jaw. However, some patients only ever get one, two, or three molars.

3. The average person only brushes for 48 seconds.

We know that it may seem a lot longer than this when you’re brushing your teeth, but it really isn’t. For proper hygiene, you should brush your teeth for two minutes at a minimum. Playing a song that you enjoy can help time yourself to make sure you’re hitting the right amount of brushing!

4. Plaque contains hundreds of bacteria.

If the thought of hundreds of bacteria has your skin crawling, now you know how we feel when we tell you to brush well! These bacteria can travel to other areas of your body and have been linked to conditions such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

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