When Should My Child First Visit the Dentist?


What Age is Right for a First Dentist Appointment?

Watching your kids growing up makes it seem like they hit a new milestone every day. From their first hair cut to their first dental appointment — it’s essential to plan for these ‘firsts’ and make sure your child follows the right schedule for them.

Learn when it’s best to schedule your little one’s first appointment and how our team can help make them comfortable.

Preparing for Your Child’s First Appointment

The best time for your child to visit the dentist is after their first tooth appears or before their first birthday — whichever occurs first. The reason for this? As soon as our teeth come in, they’re exposed to foods that can cause cavities and other dental issues if left untreated.

To help your child feel more comfortable going into the visit, have them practice opening their mouth a few times, so they know what to do when the dentist asks. You can also lightly explain what you’ll be doing at the dentist, so they’re not scared once they arrive. Introducing books about dental hygiene and health can also make going to the dentist seem more fun and less unfamiliar.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Though your child may be nervous, we know you may be as a parent as well. If your child doesn’t want to sit in the chair by themselves, we’ll place them on your lap in the chair.

We understand that this is a new experience for you both, so if your child cries or wiggles — we understand! Our team is here to help you both. Dr. Neal will examine your little one’s jaw and teeth to make sure they’re forming correctly. We’ll also check for any mouth injuries or cavities so we can resolve those if necessary.

Family Dentistry in Frisco

When your child is ready for their first appointment, we look forward to welcoming them to our family at Frisco's Dentists. Dr. Neal provides dental care for the whole family, including the elderly and children. Our welcoming office staff handles small children with patience and kindness. We do our best to make the experience as positive and comfortable as possible to try to avoid fear, anxiety, and negative associations with dentists as early as possible.

To book a new appointment, contact our team today: (972) 200-0656

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