So what happens after my Invisalign treatment is over?

Ensure You Follow All of Your Dentist's Instructions 

Invisalign braces provide a more invisible option to traditional metal orthodontic braces. Instead of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign consists of placing a clear plastic tray over the teeth to gradually move and realign the teeth to their ideal places. Once the treatment is over, patients still must visit their orthodontist for routine maintenance, not unlike maintenance required for traditional braces.

When your dentist clears you from wearing your plastic trays, you and your dentist need to ensure that your teeth do not slide back into their original positions. With traditional braces, patients often have to wear a retainer for some time, and the same is most often true with Invisalign.

It’s possible that the retainer prescribed to you will be another alignment tray. It’s also possible that the retainer will be the last tray you wore, as it’s the last tray that had your teeth in the perfect position. This tray will keep the teeth from moving again.

Your dentist may also give you additional instructions on how to keep your teeth properly aligned during this final treatment and even after. No matter what you think about these instructions, you should do your best to follow them to the letter. By following these instructions, you will ensure that the time and money you have invested in this procedure was not wasted.

During Invisalign Treatment

Before you are cleared to stop wearing your trays, there are several things you must do to keep your treatment going as smooth as possible. Of course, follow all instructions from your dentist/orthodontist. Clean your trays when you brush your teeth. Brushing them removes both intrusive food particles that can interfere with your alignment and prevents staining. Wear your trays at night as well. You should only remove your trays for only two hours maximum every twenty-four hours. However, you should remove them when drinking hot beverages, as the hot liquid can alter the plastic.

Thinking about Invisalign?

If you think you want Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces, talk to your dentist at your next appointment, or call your dentist today to set up a consultation.

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