Can Invisalign Correct Widely Spaced Teeth?

If you have widely spaced teeth, you already know that you need braces to correct them and realign them with your bite. With this condition, you may think that Invisalign, the nearly invisible non-bracket option for braces, is not a possibility for you, but Invisalign can fix widely spaced teeth.

Invisalign is a clear, plastic tray customized for your teeth that can straighten teeth and narrow spaces in between teeth. Over the period of treatment, your dentist will periodically adjust your Invisalign tray to gradually and gently coax your teeth into their ideal positions. Therefore, your dentist can use the trays to narrow the gaps between your teeth, and you won’t have to fully resign yourself to the idea of wearing traditional braces.

Invisalign treatment usually takes a year for optimal results, but treatment can be longer or shorter depending on the depth of your problem. The trays must be worn for at least 22 hours each day, only to be removed when you’re eating or brushing and flossing your teeth. Remember to clean your tray before your reinsert into your mouth!

The changes from treatment will be gradual, and you most likely won’t notice any significant changes for a few months. It can be daunting, but just remember that gradual is the safest way to prompt your teeth to shift positions.

Even if the gaps between your teeth aren’t bothering you now, and you aren’t interested in correcting the problem anyway, you should still consider talking to your dentist about correcting them. Gaps between your teeth expose your gums in these areas more than other spots in your mouth, thereby increasing the risk of gum disease and opening up larger regions for oral bacteria to take up residence.

Need to talk more about Invisalign and if it can help correct your widely spaced teeth? Contact your dentist as soon as possible to set up a time to discuss Invisalign and other options you may have.

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