Drinkers of Bubble Tea Beware

Sweet coffee drinks used to be the all the rage, and for the most part, still are, but a new tea drink has been on the rise in terms of popularity: bubble tea. Since tea is reportedly healthy for you, such as green teas and white teas, more consumers are turning to bubble teas since they should be far healthier than your typical frappuccino. However, bubble teas can cause greater damage to your teeth than that frappuccino.

Bubble teas have a tea base, but that is pretty much it as far as how much tea is in one bubble tea. Most of bubble tea contains milk, sugar syrup, and artificial flavors in order to sweeten the taste. An average cup of bubble tea contains 20 to 30 cubes of sugar. Bubble teas with sweet flavors and milk contain more sugar than one can of Coke. Not only can this much sugar lead to obesity, it can greatly increase the risk of tooth decay, especially in children.

Of course, we aren’t saying that you avoid bubble teas all-together. We only suggest that you greatly reduce your intake if you drink bubble tea often. You should definitely try to not drink more than one a day, which goes the same for any overly sweet soft drink or coffee drink. This is doubly important for children, who should only drink sweet drinks once or twice a week, tops.

Most importantly, remember that while some teas are healthy and beneficial for your dental health, it doesn’t entirely mean that a drink based from tea is equally as healthy. In the case of bubble tea, it’s not healthy in the slightest.

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