Air Abrasion: New Painless Cavity Removal Procedure

The fear of the dentist’s drill is what keeps most patients from visiting the dentist. It’s noisy – kind of scary sounding – and the anesthetic shots that accompany it are painful. Even though you can’t feel any pain with the drill due to the anesthesia, the drilling sensation against your teeth isn’t that pleasant, and there’s always some residual pain from the procedure afterward.

So the idea of painless cavity removal sounds rather nice, doesn’t it?

The new technology is called air abrasion, and it’s been proven to be a virtually pain-free procedure. As another bonus, it’s also less time-consuming. The procedure does not require any anesthesia; only air pressure is needed to quickly remove the decayed portions of the tooth.A simple blast of air, and it’s over. No needles and no drill.

Several dental clinics now use air abrasion, and fortunately for you and your dental insurance company, they cost just as much as traditional drill procedures. Some dental clinics will charge a little more, but if you factor in the costs of less pain, less time, and quicker recovery, the extra cost is well worth it.

So before you go in for that cavity removal procedure, remember to ask your dentist for the air abrasion procedure and discuss with him or her the pros and cons of the operation. Won’t it be nice to not dread your dental visits and actually be comfortable in the dental chair? Be sure to talk to your dentist or contact us regarding air abrasion cavity removal.

For clean, decay-free teeth, go for air abrasion and experience the air of being comfortable while being inside the clinic you once dreaded coming to. What’s more, you can now finally get rid of your cavities and show off that perfect smile.

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