Common Dental Injuries

Signs of a Dental Injury

Accidents happen — and unfortunately, this means that dental injuries can happen as well. Typically, oral injuries are the result of a sporting incident, but they can also occur from sheer accidents alone. It’s important to learn the signs of a severe dental issue so that you can seek the care you need quickly.

1. Cracked Teeth

While a cracked tooth can seem minor, if your tooth has broken to the point that your inner dentin or pulp is exposed, you could be at risk for a bacterial infection. Cracks in your enamel, often referred to as “crazy lines”, are surface injuries — and you may not experience much pain.

The most common sign your cracked tooth may be more severe if you recognize the presence of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of enamel which exposes the dentin or pulp of your inner tooth.
  • Pain when eating, chewing, or drinking.
  • Random tooth pain that comes and goes.

To fix a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, your dentist will most likely recommend a dental crown. It’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible, bringing any broken parts of your tooth with you in a dry container.

2. Tooth Intrusions

One of the most severe dental injuries, a tooth intrusion occurs when your tooth is driven backward towards your jawbone. If left untreated, a tooth intrusion can lead to the following situations:

  • Shortening of your tooth’s root.
  • Destruction of your pulp — the inner portion of your tooth.
  • Your root fusing to your alveolar bone — known as ankylosis.

If you experience any significant blow or pressure to your mouth resulting in pain or discomfort, you should see your dentist for diagnosis and treatment.

3. Fractured Roots

Not only can your tooth be fractured, but the base of your root can as well. If the crack in your tooth occurs close to your root, your root can be damaged. Though damage to your root is not often visible, it can cause a painful infection if left untreated. To repair a fractured root, your dentist will most likely recommend a root canal.

Emergency Dentist in Frisco TX

Whether you’ve had a tooth knocked out or you’ve sustained one of the injuries above, it’s vital to visit your dentist after an oral emergency — even if you don’t think you’ve suffered serious damage. At Frisco's Dentists, we’re here for you when you need us to help you through an oral emergency. To book an appointment, give us a call at (972) 200-0656 or contact us online.

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