Will My Whitened Teeth Stay White?

Teeth whitening is undoubtedly one of the most popular cosmetic dental services. It takes a little time, and most patients are extremely pleased with the results. However, it is important to understand that no matter how you whiten your teeth, whether it’s from over-the-counter treatments or a professional whitening with your dentist, your teeth will not stay permanently white.

Your teeth are naturally porous, so they will always have the ability to absorb stains from the foods you eat and what you drink. As a result, if you want to keep your bright, white color, you will have to whiten your teeth again and again. (Please note, before you consider repeatedly whitening your teeth, always talk to your dentist about it first to make sure you do not inadvertently harm your teeth.)

Ways to Keep Your Smile Whiter Longer 

There are things you can do to keep your smile whiter longer, and these same tips work even if you haven’t whitened your teeth. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, or red wine as often as possible, and when you do drink them, try to brush your teeth shortly thereafter. You should also avoid eating red or blue berries and brush your teeth soon after eating them if possible. Certain mouthwashes can also stain your teeth, so be sure to research your mouthwash before purchasing one.

Also be aware that some medications can stain your teeth as well. We are in no way advocating that you stop taking any medication, however. Just be aware that this is a potential risk, and if you are taking any medications that can stain your teeth, be sure to take extra care of your teeth by brushing more often and flossing once a day.

That last piece of advice alone will help you keep your teeth whiter longer. Tartar buildup will attract more stains, from both food and from bacteria that clump near plaque, so brushing regularly and flossing once a day will break up and remove the pesky tartar. In addition, be sure to get your teeth cleaned twice a year, which will also break up tartar and brighten your teeth a bit.

It’s true your teeth whitening won’t last forever, but you can help keep your teeth whiter longer after treatment. Are you looking for professional teeth whitening? Contact us today to schedule your first teeth whitening consultation with your Frisco dentist!

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