Natural, At-Home Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Natural Treatments for Periodontal Disease

If you have periodontal (gum) disease, you should see your dentist immediately and follow whatever treatment prescribed to you. However, there are a few natural treatments you can do at home that can hasten along the healing process.

Herbal Remedies

There really are herbal remedies for everything, and periodontal disease is no different. There are specific herbal treatments that can help gum disease and prevent it from recurring. One major perk to herbals is that since they are natural, the possibility of overdose is greatly reduced as well as most side effects. However, because herbs are medicinal, you should always discuss these remedies with your dentist before partaking in using them. Also, remember that herbal remedies cannot successfully treat periodontal disease alone; they’re best to use in conjunction with your prescribed treatment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is most commonly known as being a great healing agent for burns and sunburns, but it’s also quite adept at helping with the first stages of gum disease. More specifically, it helps move along repairing and restoring damaged gum tissue. You can squeeze some aloe vera from a plant or buy aloe vera-based toothpaste and place it on the infected gums.


We’ve gone over before the greatness of green tea when it comes to dental health, and we’re going to tout it once again as green tea can fight against contamination and even stop gum bleeding.

In some cases, directly applying warm green tea herbs against your gums–buffered by toilet paper–can stop gum disease in its tracks if applied during early indicators.

Remember, only your dentist can accurately diagnose if you have periodontal disease. Even if you detect early symptoms, do not self-diagnose and try these natural treatments on your own. If you think you have gum disease, contact your dentist first, and at your visit, discuss some of these natural remedies to help bolster your recovery.

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