Wisdom Teeth Removal – What You Should Know

Most people are not excited to hear that they need their wisdom teeth removed. In addition to the fact that most people are not comfortable seeing the dentist at all, even more, are uncomfortable with the idea of surgery. Before you panic about the possibility of removing your wisdom teeth, first, remember that not everyone needs them removed.

Wisdom teeth are usually removed because they are impacted, which means that the teeth did not form and/or surface normally. They could have formed sideways or only halfway. Your dentist can determine if your wisdom teeth are impacted by a simple X-ray.

If you do in fact need to have your wisdom teeth removed, the following are some tips to help avoid any unnecessary post-surgical complications.

Most importantly, be sure to take plenty of rest after the extraction. Any major physical activity could cause severe pain or even cause excess bleeding. Your dentist will tell you how much rest you need, as it generally depends on your age and how well the procedure went.

Some bleeding post-surgery is normal, but dark red blood clots are definitely not, and you should contact your dentist immediately if you notice them. Also be sure to take all the medications prescribed to you, as they will ensure a speedy recovery.

If you think that you may need your wisdom teeth removed, please contact our office so we can determine right away if this procedure is necessary.

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